Who is TAG Energy?

What does TAG Energy do?

There are 2 words in our name.  

  • TAG - an acronym for 3 characteristics all of our employees share  (Teamwork, Ambition, Growth)
  • Energy - represents the atmosphere and importance of the high energy culture
  • Combine those two words - we are a highly energetic, motivated, ambitious group of go-getters who serve our people, community, and clients with honor and excellence


What does TAG Energy do?

We are hired by Fortune 500 companies to acquire and retain business customers for them.  Our clients spend huge amounts of money on advertising (emails, tv, radio, billboards, social media, etc) to grow their customer bases.  

We have a simple angle:  we take a portion of our clients advertising budget and we turn it in to face-to-face presentations offering business customers amazing deals to become new customers (or continue staying customers).  In a world of digital everything, it's not common for Fortune 500 companies to have personal relationships any longer with their customers.  

With our clients' insatiable appetites to grow their businesses, we have been given larger budgets year over year.  Our professionalism and integrity have been our rocket fuel to continuously expand our business over the last 20 years.  

TAG's ValueS: LIFE

Leadership:  "Leadership is influence.  Nothing more; nothing less."

Integrity:  "Let your yes mean yes and your no mean no."

Faith:  "Leaders are dealers in hope."

Excellence:  "Make today your masterpiece."

TAG's Mission

"Grow.  Grow Right.  Grow Right Now."

Along with serving our clients, our biggest priority is on developing our people.  We are all about the personal and professional growth.  We want all of our employees to be successful in their homes, their communities, and their work.